Cancellation & Restocking Policy

DC To-GoGo’s Cancellation & Restocking Policy

DC To-GoGo’s Platform connects consumers with retail stores, and restaurants (“Merchants”), and with employed couriers (“Drivers”), to facilitate on-demand delivery or pickup services. Through the Platform, consumers may request that merchandise or food be made available for pick-up or delivered to them from a Merchant by Drivers who are employed by DC To-GoGo to access the Platform and receive delivery opportunities.

DC To-GoGo is not a retail store, restaurant, merchandise delivery platform or food preparation entity. DC To-GoGo is not liable or responsible for Merchants’ compliance with applicable federal, state, or local laws, rules, regulations or standards pertaining to their businesses. In addition, DC To-GoGo does not guarantee the quality of what Merchants sell and does not independently verify, and is not liable for, representations made by Merchants regarding their products on the Platform.

DC To-GoGo is not the retailer of any products offered by Merchants, nor is it a common carrier. DC To-GoGo provides a technology platform facilitating the transmission of orders by consumers to Merchants for pickup or delivery by Drivers and offers the services of Drivers to restaurants. 

DC To-GoGo is committed to ensuring that the merchandise or food ordered by a consumer is delivered in a manner consistent with the consumer’s expectations.

Transactions involving Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages (including but not limited to beer, wine, cider, and spirits, as applicable; all referred to as "Alcoholic Beverages") may only be purchased by consumers who are of Legal Age in jurisdictions that permit such purchase. If you are a consumer, you expressly represent and warrant that: (i) you are of Legal Age; and (ii) you will provide bona fide government-issued photo identification to your Courier upon delivery to you. Valid forms of identification include but are not limited to: (i) a valid motor vehicle operator’s license, (ii) a passport issued by the U.S. or by a foreign government, or (iii) a valid identification card issued to a member of the Armed Forces that includes a date of birth and a picture, showing your Legal Age. Deliveries of Alcoholic Beverages may not be made to anyone who is intoxicated, regardless of his or her age. You further understand and acknowledge that neither Postmates nor the Courier can accept your order of Alcoholic Beverages, and the order will only be delivered if the third-party Merchant accepts your order.

1. Changes and Cancellations to Orders
If you wish to change your order for any reason after it has been placed, you may contact the Merchant directly, but we cannot guarantee that your changes will be accepted by the Merchant. If they are accepted, you will be responsible for any difference in charges and fees resulting from the change(s).  Cancellations shall be at the sole discretion of the Merchant. 

2. ID verification; other safety checks
It is the responsibility of the Merchant and any delivery provider they use to verify identification and age, and to determine whether it is otherwise safe and appropriate to furnish you with alcohol. They may require a valid form of photo identification with birthdate and a signed acknowledgment confirming acceptance at the time of pick-up or delivery. If they cannot verify your age or identity, if you appear intoxicated, or if the situation is otherwise unsafe or inappropriate (for example, you are 25 but appear to be in the company of only 18 year olds), they may refuse to furnish you with alcohol.
Alcohol cannot be left unattended—someone 21 or older must be present to accept and sign for it. If a Merchant is unable to deliver your product for this or a similar reason, the Merchant may charge a restocking fee. Subsequent delivery attempts are at the discretion of the Merchant and are subject to redelivery fees.
If we believe that your order is fraudulent or unlawful, we may alert the Merchant and suspend your use of the Service.

3.Right to refuse, cancel and adjust orders
We, or any Merchant partner or delivery provider, may refuse, cancel or adjust your order for any reason. If the product you want is not available, the Merchant will notify you and offer a reasonable substitute or refund your money. If you accept the substitution, the order total will be adjusted accordingly.
Some Merchants limit where they deliver (for example, some Merchants will not deliver to hotels and restaurants). If a Merchant policy prohibits delivery to your address, the Merchant will notify you, cancel your order and issue a refund.
Sometimes the law requires Merchants to limit the number or type of product(s) in your order. If this happens, the Merchant will notify you and offer a reasonable substitute or refund your money. If you accept the substitution, the order total will be adjusted accordingly.

4. Merchant right to refuse multiple delivery attempts and charge restocking and re-delivery fees
A Merchant or their delivery provider may refuse to deliver your order if they believe that furnishing alcohol to you or the person accepting the delivery on your behalf is illegal, unsafe or inappropriate. If you are unavailable to show proof of identification or to accept a delivery for any reason, any subsequent delivery attempt is at the discretion of the Merchant and delivery partner and are subject to redelivery fees.  If alcohol is returned for any of the foregoing reasons, you shall be subject to a 50% restocking fee. If perishable goods are unable to be delivered to you, other than due to driver or Merchant error, you shall nonetheless be charged in full for the order and delivery costs. 

5. Errors
Sometimes product information—such as images, descriptions, availability, pricing and reviews—contains errors. If a Merchant identifies such an error, they will notify you and either offer a reasonable substitute or refund your money. If you accept the substitute, the order total will be adjusted accordingly.
If you receive a product that is not as described (or that you did not order), your sole remedy is to notify the Merchant and the Merchant will in its sole discretion either allow you to return the unused product (within the time period specified by the Merchant) for a refund or provide you with a reasonable substitute. If you accept the substitution, the order total will be adjusted accordingly. 

6. Gift Orders
When you send a gift order, provide the full name, email address, delivery address and phone number of the gift recipient. If you choose to keep the gift a surprise, we will not inform your gift recipient of the order, and you assume the risk that they will not be present to receive the order, including any redelivery or restocking fees. If you choose to notify your gift recipient of the gift, they will receive a message informing them of their gift and have the opportunity to schedule the delivery or pick the gift order up from the Merchant (the name of the Merchant will be shown on the gift order notice). If permitted by the Merchant, the gift recipient can also designate someone to pick up or receive the gift on their behalf.
Your gift recipient or their designate may be required to present a valid form of photo identification with birth date and a signed acknowledgement confirming acceptance at the time of pick-up or delivery. As with any order, a Merchant (or their delivery provider) may refuse or cancel a gift order or delivery for any reason.

7. Returns, refunds, and exchanges
You are entitled to a full refund at no cost for any defective item returned to the Merchant within the necessary legal timeframe and consistent with the Merchant policy whichever is longer. The availability of any refund, credit or exchange for a perishable item is up to the sole discretion of the Merchant and should be addressed to their customer service but in no event shall be the liability of DC To-GoGo.